Country of focus Week 3 China!

Q1. Flag

Q2. The continent that China is on is called Asia.

Q3.  China is apart of the northern and eastern hemispheres.

Q4. The population of China (2020 and 2021) is approximately 1,444,216,107!!!!!!!!

Q5. There are a few languages spoken in China but a main one (and one I learn at school) is Mandarin.

Q6. The currency in China is called yuan. In fact One Chines yuan is 20 Australian cents!

Q7. Trading!! We export our raw materials to them and they import basically anything to us but because of covid19 things have been tricky.

Q8. You can bye GREEN BEAN flavoured ICE CREAM in china🤢!  Put all of Chinas railway line together you can loop around earth 2 time!!!!

Q9. Nepal is to the south-west of china, Taiwan is to the east-south of china and Mongolia is to the north of china.


By G E O R G I A

P.S. I changed my name to ‘G E O R G I A’ it used to be ‘😎Georgia😎’ also I might change my name a lot because I always come up with cool name ideas!



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